Veterinary Assistant Salary – How Much Does a Veterinary Assistant Make

When thinking of animal and veterinary care, one cannot simply overlook the services that a veterinary assistant renders for pets and animals that are in need of special attention. Veterinary assistants are an important part of a veterinary practice team. They perform a wide range of tasks which are crucial for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to be able to do their jobs as well. Their responsibilities range from providing support to clients regarding their pet’s condition to maintaining cleanliness of equipment used in laboratories and operating rooms. Aside from performing the said tasks, it is also significant for veterinary assistants to possess qualities that will allow them to do their jobs efficiently. For instance, they have to be careful when handling pets and be compassionate to them and their owners. In addition, these individuals also need to be physically able so that they can perform their various tasks with ease. Without a doubt, the role of a veterinary assistant is important in the field of animal care. For anyone who considers themselves as animal lovers, being a veterinary assistant can be a fulfilling job. If you think that being a veterinary assistant is an interesting occupation, then you would most likely be wondering about what a veterinary assistant salary would look like. In line with this, let us look further into the life of a veterinary assistant and figure out how much they usually receive for their line of work.

In 2010, the recorded median annual wage for veterinary assistants was $22,041. This means that veterinary assistants who belonged to the highest 10 percent earned more than $33,780. On the other hand, the lowest 10 percent received a pay amounting below $16,490. Moreover, the job outlook for veterinary assistants, alongside laboratory animal caretakers, shows an expected growth of 14 percent between the years 2010 and 2020. Such an increase is anticipated due to an expected growth in the pet population which will also mean that there will be a higher demand for services from the pet care industry. [1]

Most veterinary assistants work in the field of veterinary services. That is, they are usually employed in animal hospitals and clinics. Others work in colleges, universities, research facilities and laboratories. The work schedule of veterinary assistants may demand them to work during weekends or holidays, and even at night. This is due to the fact that there are clinics and laboratories that need to operate 24 hours a day. Working as a veterinary assistant can be tough especially when it comes to handling aggressive animals. Hence, it is important for these individuals to maintain their composure during such situations so as not to affect their work negatively. Aside from doing their regular routine tasks, keeping a good demeanor during the job is important for veterinary assistants. In this manner, they can easily focus and thoroughly carry out their tasks.

To become a veterinary assistant, candidates need not to obtain postsecondary education. Individuals who get into entry-level veterinary assistant jobs usually possess a high school diploma. Certifications are offered for the occupation but they are typically not required for employment, but some employers would most likely prefer individuals who have gained a certification. Furthermore, in terms of training, some certificate programs do include hands-on training. However, training is usually conducted on the job. The training provided to veterinary assistants usually includes animal care and administrative tasks. For instance, they may be trained for more physically demanding tasks such as the proper way of sterilizing equipment or how to clean and disinfect work areas. They may also be trained for front desk duties such as attending to clients who arrive at the clinic.

Being a veterinary assistance is a good means of learning more about the animal care industry. In one way or another, dealing with first hand experiences concerning animal welfare can be really rewarding especially when you consider yourself to be a true blue animal lover. The job can teach you many other lessons such as learning to become patient and appreciative when it comes to caring for our pets. Thinking of getting better rates when it comes to a veterinary assistant salary can also inspire any individual to gain more experience, thus becoming more efficient on the job. In addition, being a veterinary assistant can open doors to more possibilities such as advancing in other occupations relating to veterinary services.

Why You Should Become a Vet Tech?  

vet tech

Okay, everyone knows it, choosing a career sucks. Big time. This is so true to almost all careers from arts to medical sciences. And guess what, if you’re planning to become a vet tech, you’re not exempt. So here’s a quick reasons why you should study veterinary technology in 2014.

But before that, please do note that you don’t have to be a super pet lover to succeed in this career. All you need to know is a great deal of determination and mastery of these tips:

Dare to be different

armyvetAre you the type of person who doesn’t like things that a typical person of your age likes? Are you always in constant search for adventure and challenges in your life? Then, seeking a career in the field of veterinary medicine can be quite a challenge. However, you will get to do things that ordinary people don’t usually do.

Pursuing a career in the field of veterinary, whether it is a technician or a doctor, entails a great deal of determination and passion to work. Plus, you go to learn so many things and interesting things about animals that no other people know but you and your colleagues in the industry.

Find a job quick

Probably one of the most common reasons why more and more people are becoming interested in becoming a vet tech is its practicality. Apart from the fact that it’s not hard to find a job, you can also finish your course ahead than your friends.

Imagine, after two years, you can start finding jobs that’s directly related to your course. In fact, reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed that careers in this same field is expected to grow as much as 30 percent in the next 15 years. The report also added that this career offered plenty of opportunities to young professionals who are eyeing to pursue different careers in the same field, especially since this offers them plenty of learning experience, which they can use in their further study.

Choosing the Right Veterinary Schools


If you’re interested in becoming a competent veterinarian, the very first thing that you should know is where to look for the best veterinary schools where you will pursue your career. But a word of advice, studying veterinary medicine is not just a walk in the park.

To begin your quest for your search for the best veterinary schools, one of the most important areas that you should look into is how far you’re willing to go to study. Questions like are you willing to be separated from your family or are you satisfied with the quality of education your current city has must be answered.

Your answer to these simple yet hard to answer questions will largely affect your decision. So to make your decision-making quite easier and less frustrating, you have to address these points:

Out of state schools

vetschoolStudying outside of your hometown can be very tempting, especially for young people who long for freedom and independence. But this seemingly liberating experience can sometimes cause problems for those who find adjusting to a new place and new people very difficult.

Although in general sense, studying away from your comfort zone and all the things that are familiar to you can have several advantages. Some people find it very effective if they study away from all familiar things, which means that there are lesser distractions that can get in the way of their studies.

Accredited schools

Another important topic that deserves an equally important attention is where should you study. This can be very tricky and tough question to answer. For some people, it’s tempting to go to the top schools for veterinary medicines in the country.

However, aspiring students don’t consider the competition and other important aspects that must be taken into consideration. What they do is they immediately apply to these schools and some students end up frustrated after none of these schools have accepted them.

That’s why sometimes, its better to go to schools with credible track record and of course duly accredited by the government.

Quick Facts on Vet Tech Salary


One of the careers in the field of veterinary medicines that gets great attention these days is the veterinary technician. In fact, vet tech salary is one of the most competitive pays in the industry today.

dogVeterinary technicians’ primary work involves providing technical assistance to veterinary doctors in whatever capacity they are capable of doing. Over the years, the role of vet techs, as what these professionals commonly referred to, has been constantly changing.

While the veterinarians conduct different procedures to animals, including providing medications and treatments, the role of the vet technicians includes preparing the animals before treatment either by restraining them or through the use of anesthetics.

Generally, if surgeons have surgical nurses to assist them, veterinarians do have veterinary technicians to aid them as well. So basically, the scope of their responsibilities includes all the most laborious and work-intensive roles.


Despite the seemingly demanding work and responsibilities that these professionals have, records from different sources show that vet tech salary is indeed competitive compared to other careers, which have the same level of education required.

Overall, compensation wise, being a veterinary technician can be a very rewarding career to be in at the moment. Considering the fact that a specific career path is needed to become a veterinary technician, interested individuals must take into account this requirement.

Career outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of job vacancies for qualified and experienced vet techs is projected to increase for up to 30% in the next 15 years. This data only suggests that this young profession is expected to continually grow and more and more opportunities await successful professionals in the field.

Similarly, veterinary technologists, who basically have the same roles and responsibilities as vet technicians, somehow share the same labor data with vet techs. So in a sense, vet technologists can expect the same projections in the next 15 years, including mean salary and the overall job availability for these professionals in the coming years.

Quick Veterinary Technician Salary Facts

veterinary technician salary

Veterinary medicine and all sorts of careers associated with it are among the fastest progressing careers in the whole world today not just in the US. In fact, veterinarians and veterinary technician salary continue to increase over the past years.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), veterinary technicians and technologists primarily work directly under direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Most of their jobs involve providing technical assistance to veterinarians in handling different works in the clinic.

Work condition

vetThe majority of the vet technicians work primarily on private clinics, research centers, and even laboratories. Thus, it’s not surprising to learn that many of these professionals work can be very demanding let alone laborious.

Just like any other professionals who work in laboratories, vet technicians can sometimes spend long hours in the lab depending largely on different circumstances. But in general, the working environment for this profession is demanding and challenging.


Probably one of the reasons why more and more people are becoming more interested in landing a job in this field is the attractive veterinary technician salary that awaits the successful recruits.

Reports from BLS showed that veterinary techs have a median wage of $30,290, which is relatively competitive than other career requiring the same level of education of competence.


As predicted, the entire veterinary industry will continue to flourish and with it, many careers will emerge and existing ones will improve giving more opportunities to young bloods.

Also, with the continuously increasing public awareness towards responsible pet ownership, more and more people will need professional pet health services in the coming years.

As a matter of fact, the BLS added that careers in this career is expected to grow for up to 30 percent in the coming years, which is a great news for those who are eyeing to pursue a career as a vet technician or any other career in the field of veterinary medicine.

Medical Assistant Salary – How Much Does a Medical Assistant Earn

Did you know that being a medical assistant is considered to be one of the fastest growing careers in the US? It is one of the many occupations that one can choose from in the allied health field. The increase in the demand for medical assistants can be attributed to technological developments, an expected increase in the elderly population who need medical attention and a growth in the number of outpatient care facilities. Considering how the general outlook for this job is, it will be no surprise if there will be more and more people who become interested in learning more about being a medical assistant. Typical questions will be asked such as what are the tasks and responsibilities of this allied health worker? What kind of education should one attain to be qualified to work as a medical assistant? And how much would a medical assistant salary be? Let us have these questions answered as we look further into this profession.

Medical assistants work alongside health practitioners such as physicians, podiatrists, and chiropractors in different healthcare facilities and outpatient clinics. Their day-to-day tasks usually include administrative and clinical duties which are comprised of different sets of responsibilities from clinic to clinic. Here are a number of clinical and administrative tasks that medical assistants deal with on a regular basis:

  • Taking phone calls
  • Meet patients
  • Set schedule for appointments
  • Handle and organize patient’s records
  • Assist physician with medical examinations
  • Draw and prepare blood for laboratory tests
  • Measure patient’s vital signs
  • Administer medications under physician’s supervision
  • Provide patients instructions regarding special diets and medications
  • Perform basic laboratory tests

The tasks listed above are but a portion of what medical assistants have to work with day by day. It is clear how their duties are mostly about dealing with patients. Specifically, they take and collect personal information from patients to be used for the healthcare process. Given this, it is important that they keep all information confidential and only discuss them with other medical personnel who are also involved with the medical case. Hence, being a medical assistant requires an individual to have certain qualities to ensure that they can carry out their jobs effectively. Some of these traits include being analytical and detail oriented. In addition, having good interpersonal and technical skills are also important for this occupation.

Now that you know about the duties and responsibilities of medical assistants, as well as the qualities that one must possess to be qualified to be one, you might want to proceed with knowing about how much a medical assistant salary is. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants received a median annual wage of $29,370 in May 2012. To give you a clearer picture, the lowest 10 percent received a pay of less than $21,080 while the top 10 percent received more than $41,570. An expected increase of 29% in the job outlook for medical assistant is expected from 2012-22, this figure is much faster than the average. Thus, if you think that you have what it takes to be a medical assistant, you can be assured that you have good job prospects.

If you are eyeing to pursue a career as a medical assistant, one of the questions would be about what sort of training or level of education should be acquired to be qualified for the job. Postsecondary education is not necessary if you plan on being a medical assistant. Skills can be acquired through training. Certification is not required but it certainly is going to give anyone an edge when they begin looking for a job since employers would rather hire applicants who have received certification.

Veterinary Assistant Schools – Acquiring an Education fit for a Veterinary Assistant

For individuals who consider working as veterinary assistants, there is always that question about what education to take. That is, what is the kind of education that will help them obtain the knowledge needed for the job? If you are one of them, you may be wondering if there are veterinary assistant schools that offer training programs for the aspiring veterinary assistant.

While there is no required postsecondary education for aspiring veterinary assistants and training is usually given once the candidate is on the job, there are several veterinary assistant schools which offer certification programs for individuals who want an edge over other veterinary assistant applicants. In addition, earning a certification can also increase a candidate’s job prospects. Considering an institution accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) can also increase your chances of being employed. Finishing an accredited program can assure employers that you have undergone training which has met the standards set by the accrediting body.

Choosing an institution for your veterinary assistant training can be easy especially if you have an access to the Internet. Through the Internet, you’ll find websites such that of All Allied Health Schools which lists schools for veterinary assistants including their locations. It can be a really helpful resource if you are looking for a nearby training ground for your dream of having a career as a veterinary assistant. On the other hand, the AVMA website has a list of accredited veterinary colleges which you might want to check. The duration for a veterinary assistant certification program varies; there are programs that last for six months while others take nine months to finish. Moreover, there are institutions that offer veterinary assistant training programs online. Hence, you have the option to study the craft of being a veterinary assistant from the comfort of your own home. Ashworth College offers an online veterinary assistant program which lasts for six months.

The job of a veterinary assistant isn’t at all easy and getting the right knowledge about the dos and don’ts of the occupation is important if you want to succeed in the job. Equipping yourself with the proper mind set is also essential if you desire to provide quality services to pets and their owners alike. Furthermore, handling animals and dealing with pet owners needs more than skill and knowledge, it is also essential for veterinary assistants to help in making them feel at ease when they pay another visit to their vet.

Veterinary Assistant Jobs – Careers in Animal Care

When seeking for veterinary assistant jobs, it is important to take note of the qualifications and requirements that will help you land on a job. There are a number of factors to be considered. For instance, what is the minimum educational attainment needed for veterinary assistants? Or is there a nationally recognized training that should be taken? Or maybe there are certifications which have to be acquired for the practice. Let us discuss the availability of jobs for veterinary assistants and other requirements that may be sought after by prospective employers.

If you are seeking for a job as a veterinary assistant, it is most likely that you are wondering if there is a program that you should take to have better chances of employment. The fact of the matter is, there is no required postsecondary education for those who would want to venture as veterinary assistants. However, most of these individuals have a high school diploma. Certifications are available but they aren’t required. It is also something to consider since some employers prefer individuals who are certified veterinary assistants (CVA). There are certification programs being offered in several states such as the CVA program offered by the CA Veterinary Medical Foundation (CVMA) or the one offered by the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation (TVMA). Asking your state’s veterinary medical association would be a good idea for you to learn about which certificate programs are accredited. Moreover, gaining experience with animal care such as experience at an animal shelter or pet store can be helpful if you intend to increase your chances of being employed.  Certification programs also usually require their applicants to have hands-on training and the minimum number of hours required for such training may vary by state. Hence, volunteering or finding a job in an animal care facility will be beneficial if you want to be employed as a veterinary assistant. For entry-level veterinary assistants, it would be a good idea to have an overview of what a veterinary assistant job description contains. In this manner, they can work on preparing themselves for what awaits them in the occupation. Taking note of this job description also helps them understand the skills and knowledge that they must possess and include in their veterinary assistant resume. There are several job boards online that post recent job openings for veterinary assistants. The website of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) also has a career page dedicated for job postings from various states.

If you are looking for one out of many available veterinary assistant jobs, then it would be best if you keep in mind the pointers provided earlier. Aside from possessing certain quality and skills, focus and dedication are also important factors for anyone who wants to get a job in any industry.

Veterinary Assistant Job Description – What Does a Veterinary Assistant Do?

Veterinary assistants are known to play an important role in a veterinary service team. That is, they provide support to the rest of the team members so that proper care and attention will be given to animals and their owners. Caring for animals and attending to pet owners while assisting in the maintenance of facilities shows how these individuals must possess a certain degree of versatility. For us to understand the nature of their work even more, let us discuss what we might typically find in a veterinary assistant job description.

A veterinary assistant job description would not be complete without a list of the tasks and responsibilities that they do. Here are a number of duties that veterinary assistants have as a part of their daily routines:

  • Watch over animals before and after a surgical operation.
  • Administer medication to pets based on a veterinarian’s prescription.
  • Clean and disinfect work areas, operating rooms and cages.
  • Sanitize and sterilize laboratory and surgical equipment.
  • Track a patient’s progress through updating their medical records.
  • Groom, bathe, feed, and nurse animals.
  • Assist veterinarians in handling animals or equipment during a surgical procedure.

The list above includes some of the typical tasks that veterinary assistants deal with on a regular basis. From what is presented, it is easy to tell that veterinary assistants must have several qualities that will make them at ease when carrying out the job. When it comes to caring for other, whether people or animals, it is always important to be careful and proficient in your course of work. Hence, a veterinary assistant job description may also include some of the following attributes:

  • Strong attention to detail – it is important for veterinary assistants to be precise with their work. For instance, they should take note of and follow the instructions provided to them by their superiors. This attribute may also be applied to when they administer medication since it is important that they provide the correct dosage to their patients.
  • Familiarity with Technical Concepts – a veterinary assistant works with a lot of equipment and computer software during their job. A medical facility usually contains machines that need to be operated such as x-rays and veterinary service facilities are no exception. In addition, when veterinary assistants update or modify client records, they are usually stored in a database through the use of computers.
  • Compassionate to both pets and their owners – without a doubt, these individuals have to be compassionate and understanding when it comes to their patient’s situation. In this manner, they are able to handle the case efficiently and will be able to understand what the situation demands.
  • Physically Fit – it is important for veterinary assistants to be physically able to do work that will need that to exert some physical effort. In addition, dexterity is also important when they perform their tasks to assure that they handle animals and equipment with care. Physical strength is important for these individuals since it will be quite common for them to move around the facility often. For instance, they may be asked to move equipment from one point to another or they might also be asked to handle animals that are aggressive.

Considering a veterinary assistant job can end up being a rewarding choice. That is, if you think that caring for animals is a field that you will enjoy. You can just imagine how varied the situations can get when you find yourself working in a veterinary service facility. 

Veterinary Assistant – What is a Veterinary Assistant?

Veterinary assistants are individuals who work for the field of animal care under the management of veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Their responsibilities are important in any veterinary service setting. Their presence and assistance is vital so that everything will fall into place when the veterinary service team attends to the needs of pets and clients alike. Typically, they perform tasks which have been directed to them by veterinarians. Hence, you can infer that the veterinary assistant has a wide array of work to deal with. Their responsibilities encompass almost every aspect of the practice within a facility. For instance, veterinary assistants may be the first people that pet owners speak with when going to a veterinary clinic. They usually provide assistance to pet owners through attending to their concerns and queries. Aside from administrative work, they also are in-charge of maintaining cleanliness of various areas and equipment within the facility. For example, it is their duty to ensure that animals are kept in clean and disinfected cages or that the surgical equipment to be used on them has been sterilized.

The work that veterinary assistants render can be quite demanding and it is apparent that these individuals should not only be skillful but also maintain a certain connection with their clients and their pets. Hence, to carry out their jobs efficiently, veterinary assistants need to possess a number of skills and qualities. Veterinary assistants have to be compassionate so that they may understand the state of the animal in question. In this manner, they can also easily relate to the pet owners, thus demonstrating an environment focused in the welfare for the pets. It is also important for veterinary assistants to have a strong attention to detail. Considering how they are tasked to do a lot of laboratory work or how they are also involved in the treatment of animals, it is essential for them to take note of all instructions given to them. For instance, when giving medication to a certain animal, they should know the correct dosage and they must also be aware of the schedule for the medication. Other qualities that a veterinary assistant should have are good physical strength and cautiousness. This is due to the nature of their work, they are expected to move around often and do a lot of physical tasks. They also are expected to handle a lot of laboratory equipment which must be handled with care. In addition, veterinary assistants must also be able to maintain a good disposition while on the job especially during times when they come across distressed animals.

It is a relief to know that individuals such as veterinary assistants exist in the world of healthcare. They perform a vital role in the field of animal care. Furthermore, the dedication that they offer, on top of the physical demands of their job, is indeed something worth noting.