Veterinary Assistant Salary – How Much Does a Veterinary Assistant Make

When thinking of animal and veterinary care, one cannot simply overlook the services that a veterinary assistant renders for pets and animals that are in need of special attention. Veterinary assistants are an important part of a veterinary practice team. They perform a wide range of tasks which are crucial for veterinarians and veterinary technicians …

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Choosing the Right Veterinary Schools


If you’re interested in becoming a competent veterinarian, the very first thing that you should know is where to look for the best veterinary schools where you will pursue your career. But a word of advice, studying veterinary medicine is not just a walk in the park. To begin your quest for your search for …

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Why You Should Become a Vet Tech?  

vet tech

Okay, everyone knows it, choosing a career sucks. Big time. This is so true to almost all careers from arts to medical sciences. And guess what, if you’re planning to become a vet tech, you’re not exempt. So here’s a quick reasons why you should study veterinary technology in 2014. But before that, please do …

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Quick Facts on Vet Tech Salary


One of the careers in the field of veterinary medicines that gets great attention these days is the veterinary technician. In fact, vet tech salary is one of the most competitive pays in the industry today. Veterinary technicians’ primary work involves providing technical assistance to veterinary doctors in whatever capacity they are capable of doing. …

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Quick Veterinary Technician Salary Facts

veterinary technician salary

Veterinary medicine and all sorts of careers associated with it are among the fastest progressing careers in the whole world today not just in the US. In fact, veterinarians and veterinary technician salary continue to increase over the past years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), veterinary technicians and technologists primarily work directly under …

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Medical Assistant Salary – How Much Does a Medical Assistant Earn

Did you know that being a medical assistant is considered to be one of the fastest growing careers in the US? It is one of the many occupations that one can choose from in the allied health field. The increase in the demand for medical assistants can be attributed to technological developments, an expected increase …

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Veterinary Assistant Schools – Acquiring an Education fit for a Veterinary Assistant

For individuals who consider working as veterinary assistants, there is always that question about what education to take. That is, what is the kind of education that will help them obtain the knowledge needed for the job? If you are one of them, you may be wondering if there are veterinary assistant schools that offer …

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Veterinary Assistant Jobs – Careers in Animal Care

When seeking for veterinary assistant jobs, it is important to take note of the qualifications and requirements that will help you land on a job. There are a number of factors to be considered. For instance, what is the minimum educational attainment needed for veterinary assistants? Or is there a nationally recognized training that should …

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Veterinary Assistant Job Description – What Does a Veterinary Assistant Do?

Veterinary assistants are known to play an important role in a veterinary service team. That is, they provide support to the rest of the team members so that proper care and attention will be given to animals and their owners. Caring for animals and attending to pet owners while assisting in the maintenance of facilities …

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Veterinary Assistant – What is a Veterinary Assistant?

Veterinary assistants are individuals who work for the field of animal care under the management of veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Their responsibilities are important in any veterinary service setting. Their presence and assistance is vital so that everything will fall into place when the veterinary service team attends to the needs of pets and clients …

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